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Explanation due to the fans abroad:

Since we know there are thousands of readers and fans abroad, who can´t understand portuguese, we feel that we should explain that this blog deals with humor. Mostly sarcastic, obscure, acid and unpolite humor, but still humor.

Concerning the image on the post "Infeliz Aniversário", with the World Trade Center Towers and the "Hiroshima and Nagasaki" subtitles, we want to make sure that you understand what´s the context in which that image was used:

Even though that was a tragic event, many people found room to make jokes about it, the same way people joke about the war on terror, the holocaust, Stalin´s repression and others...the author was just wondering if back in 1945, people found room to joke about the atomic bombing in Japan. We are pretty sure it happened.

It doesn´t mean at all that we support what happened in any of those cases, doens´t reflect an anti-american trend and doesn´t mean that we feel that what happened on 9/11 could be seen as a revenge for the atomic bombs or that the US deserved it.

Just to make sure.

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3 comentários:

G; disse...

Some other things: "Infeliz aniversário" means something like "unhappy birthday".

Although it does say thing about humor, my words in the post are, mostly, about history perception in my generation. To put it very quickly: the fall of the two towers are the Atomic bombing of my generation, THE big historical single event.

(sorry for the bad writing in english; not quite a speaker, y'know.)

Anônimo disse...

Oh man, i just came here to thank you both for the support!

An afghan fan.

G; disse...