terça-feira, 14 de agosto de 2007

De noites e mulheres

A Song for Scheherazade
Sultan king cruel majesty
Ordered that his women die
A single night this for all his wives
Takes his pleasure then their lives

And so for many days with the dawn
The sultan had his way
Wives were put to death
His name on their dying breath

Then one day as the evening came
Sultan sends for him a wife
Choose her well charms I wish to see
Bring her, send her in to me
Then came Scheherazade to his side
And her beauty shone
Like a flower grown
Gentle as he'd ever known

Scheherazade bewitched him
With songs of jewelled keys
Princes and of heroes
And eastern fantasies

Told him tales of sultans
And talismans and rings
A thousand and one nights she sang
To entertain her king

She sings

Uma música que eu considero muito bonita (da antiga banda Renaissance), sobre uma das histórias mais bonitas do mundo.

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André, um Jerico disse...

rendeu-se ao velho e bom google? Seu conteúdo fica bom em qq canto véio.